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How to close the pool before the winter?

When to winterize your pool?

As soon as the water temperature falls in a constant way between 53°F to 59°F or 12°C to 15°C


Why winterize your pool?

This step is essential because it protects the structure and the equipment of your pool against freezing.

It will also allow you to preserve the quality of the water so that you don't find a green water in spring.

Covering the pool will protect against leaves and various pollutions and reinforce the protection against algae by plunging the pool in the dark.



1. Prepare the water and clean the pool 

Prepare the water 2 or 3 days before winterising:

  • Brush the floor and walls of the pool, the skimmer basket and the pump pre-filter.
  • Measure the pH with  hth®  POOLTESTER  and adjust it between 7.0 and 7.4.
  • Apply a shock treatment with hth® SHOCK® and let the filter run continuously for 24 hours.
  • Vacuum the pool with the filter set to the “waste” position.
  • Clean the water line with hth® BORKLER® GEL.


2. Descale

• Descale the sand or cartridge filter with hth® FILTERWASH.


3. Winterising

  • Drain the pipes and lower the water level below the outlet nozzles.
  • Pour 1 litre of hth® SUPER WINTERPROTECT for 35 m3 around the edge of the pool. This long-lasting product is designed to avoid the formation of limescale deposits, which are so difficult to eliminate in the spring, as well as  prevent the proliferation of algae (this product is not antifreeze).


4. Protect the pool

  • Install the WINTERISING FLOATERS line diagonally across the surface of the pool.
Pool dimensions Number of floaters
7 x 3 16 
8 x 4 20 
10 x 5 24 
12 x 6 28


  • Against frost, place a GIZZMO bottle in each skimmer and a rubber CAP per outlet nozzle or vacuum point.
  • Disconnect the electrical cabinet and winterise your heating system along with any other pool equipment (refer to the manufacturer’s instructions).

5. Install a winterising cover 

The cover protects the pool against leaves and various pollutants and improves protection against algae by keeping the pool in the dark. Important! Remember to include 40 cm overlap all around the pool.