Our values


Our Environment, Health & Safety Policy


We feel it is our responsibility to operate with a concern for continuous improvement, so as to meet our objective: have as little as possible impact on people and the environment.

Our duty to develop and maintain a system ensuring responsible behaviour is embodied by our global corporate project: “Zero Accident.”


Our employees commit and adhere to the following fundamental principles:

  • COMPLIANCE: compliance with local and European regulations as well as with Group directives.
  • CONSERVATION: of energy and natural resources throughout the product’s life cycle.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: monthly monitoring of performance indicators linked to the environment, health, safety, quality and site security.
  • COMMUNICATION: our communications policy is fully transparent for our partners: brochures, meetings, site visits, danger studies, etc.


With a team of 100 researchers dedicated to R&D (US - Brazil - South Africa - Europe), a new 6,000 m² research centre in Alpharetta (US)  and a laboratory integrated into our Amboise site, Innovation is at the heart of the Group strategy.

Each year, dozens of new references are created to provide ever more innovative solutions to our consumers as regards ease-of-use, duration and efficacy, while taking into account international regulations and the impact both on the environment and people.