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The beginning of the journey in the UK

1870 - Creation of the company in Widnes, Lancashire


The hth®  journey began in the 19th century with the Mathieson family. Niel Mathieson was a Scottish chemist and businessman within the soap industry.

In 1870  he decided to start his own company in Widnes, Lancashire. Quickly, the Mathieson Company became a highly respected company, producing Alkalis and glycerine from soap waste.

1886 - A new beginning in the USA                          

In 1886 Thomas Train Mathieson arrived in the USA to supervise and develop the chemical company now known as Mathieson Alkali Company. The company quickly grew to become one of the major manufacturers of bleaching powders, alkalis, synthetic amonia and chlorine products in the USA. In 1892 Mathieson obtained the new electrolytic cell for the manufacturing of extremely pure caustic soda and chlorine.


1928 – hth®  the birth

A new plant was built at Niagara Falls and after many years of work, the Mathiesons developed a true calcium hypochlorite as a new chlorine donor.

As a result of this development, the hth®  brand was first registered in 1928.

The name hth®  originated from the new chlorine formula, meaning high test hypochlorite.

1976 – hth®  in the United Kingdom municipal pools

In 1976, the first export of hth®  was delivered to the United Kingdom and hth®  remained the number one brand for commercial pools. For 45 years, the brand has continued to provide 75% of commercial pools which use calcium hypochlorite.


1986 – hth®  moves accross the Atlantic

European development of the hth® brand began in 1986. The European HQ is located in the middle of the Loire Valley between the castles and the vineyards in Amboise.

At this stage the company had three factories in the USA and with continuous development in Europe, the Mathieson legacy still lives on. The hth® brand is still innovating and growing with further developments in South America, South Africa and in all European countries.


2021 –  In a nutshell

N°1 brand

1200 people 6 factories 5 Warehouses 900 products

in the world

in the group globally in Europe in the portfolio


90 Years of innovations