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Prerequisite for treating my spa

As a place to unwind and relax, Spas are becoming increasingly present in our European households. The virtues of this hot water have been known since Antiquity. However, the stirring and high temperature of the water require special care. hth®  developed a range of products especially adapted to Spa water in order to: purify, balance, protect and perfume.



Spa water treatment


To treat your spa water effectively, ensure your water balance, disinfect it regularly and filter the spa water in order to remove pollutant micro-organisms.

There are several types of treatment for spas using chlorine, bromine or active oxygen.

Bromine is especially recommended for spa treatment as it remains effective at high pHs and temperatures.

Filling your spa:

• Make sure the pH is between 7.0 and 7.4 and adjust it if necessary with  hth®  Spa pH MINUS or hth®  Spa pH PLUS

• Check the TA content and adjust it with hth®  Spa ALKANAL 

• Apply a shock chlorination treatment with hth®  Spa FLASH DISINFECTION 

Bromine treatment:  

• Use hth®  Spa BROMINE for a bromine treatment. Bromine treatment is especially recommended for heated water. It also remains effective even with a high pH.

It is therefore an ideal disinfectant for spa water.

• Check the bromine content every day with hth®  TEST STRIPS and maintain it between 5 and 6 mg/l.

• Reactivate your bromine treatment every week and after each bath by sprinkling 15 g of hth®  Spa CHLORINE-FREE SHOCK per m3 water.

Chlorine treatment:  

• Use either hth®  Spa STABILISED CHLORINE effervescent tabs to be placed directly in the spa or the granules. 

• Maintain the available chlorine content between 3 and 5 mg/l.

• Apply a shock treatment to the water each week with hth®  Spa FLASH DISINFECTION so as to eliminate residues and oxidise organic matter

Active oxygen treatment:

• Use hth®  Spa ACTIVE OXYGEN 20 g for a chlorine-free treatment.
Active oxygen has a strong oxidising effect, is fully soluble, leaves no residue in the water and does not discolour surface coatings.

• After each bath, apply a shock chlorination treatment with hth®  Spa CHLORINE-FREE SHOCK 

Perfume your Spa:

In addition to the well-being provided by hydrotherapy, enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy thanks to hth®  Spa perfumes
Aromatherapy, the treatment by aromas, will allow you to soothe, relax, tone up or will help revitalize your body…
These perfumes have been specially designed for the Spa and do not modify the pH of the water.