Treating algae effectively

There are several types of algae, find out how to recognise them and the right treatment to apply.

Green algae: this algae is the easiest to recognise as it turns your water green. It has a slimy and viscous aspect that makes the walls and bottom of your pool slippery.
To treat green algae, apply a shock treatment then use the 
hth® ULTRAKLERAL product or hth® SUPER KLERAL. In order to avoid their proliferation, it is important to conduct a full analysis of your water at your approved retailer’s in order to know the reason for their development: phosphate content too high? over-stabilisation issue?

Black algae: you will see small black spots appear on the walls and floor of your swimming pool or in the grouts of tiled pools. This algae is very resistant, make sure to eliminate its the root cause.
To treat black algae, brush the floor and walls of your pool, apply a shock treatment and add the 
hth® BLACKAL SHOCK product.

Mustard algae : its volatile aspect evokes pollen or yellow dust. This algae develops essentially in the darker areas of a swimming pool.
To treat mustard algae, first apply a shock treatment then use