Starting up my pool

Prerequisites for treating my pool:


Pool water quality is affected by its environment, contact with the air, the sun’s UV rays and the bathers using it. It is essential to regularly check it and treat it. It must be continuously disinfected to avoid the proliferation of micro-organisms. Pool water must be permanently disinfected and disinfecting. 


Remember to fill your pool ahead of time as this can take a long time depending on the water flow and volume of the pool.
Ideally, you should fill your pool using water from the domestic network. This water has already been treated and its pH corrected. However, you will need to check your water’s TA parameters, i.e. its alkalinity. 
Caution if you use well water! Indeed, well water has very unstable parameters which do not mix well with the disinfection treatments (chlorine, etc.). Water hardness (limescale) and the pH also need to be taken into account.
For example, well water with an excessive iron content may react with the chlorine and change the colour of the water when in contact with it.
It is best to seek advice from your retailer before filling your pool.


In order for the treatment products to work more effectively and ensure optimum comfort for bathers, it is essential to regularly check your water balance. Water balance involves above all a good adjustment of the pH and TA.

·       The higher the water’s pH, the less effective the disinfectant will be. The pH needs to be adjusted. Ideal pH value: Chlorine treatment: 7.0 - 7.4 / Bromine treatment: 7.0 - 7.6.

·       The TA stabilises the pH at the recommended value, this is called a “buffer effect”. With the proper TA value, your water will thus have a relatively stable pH. Rainwater (acidic) may contribute to reducing the TA. Ideal TA value: 80 to 120 mg/l (8 to 12 °f).


There are several types of treatment available: stabilised chlorine, non-stabilised chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, PHMB, etc.

Apply a shock treatment according to the type of disinfectant used. Subsequently, add the right dose each week.


A sufficient filtration time and keeping your filter clean are essential to maintain your pool water’s balance.

Recommended filtration time: water temperature/2 + 1 hour