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How to calculate the filtration time of your pool?

Pool water filtration is a major step in the treatment of your pool water. This stage allows you to obtain pure and clear water. It consists of sucking up the polluted water through the pump and directing it to the filter in order to retain as much of the impurities as possible, before reintroducing it into the pool.


Different factors influence the time needed for effective filtration:


  • the water temperature

The warmer the water in your pool, the more micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, algae, etc.) proliferate.


  • the weather

Beware of the heat, but also heavy and stormy weather favour the proliferation of micro-organisms in the water.


  • the frequency of use of the pool

Bathers bring a significant amount of organic pollution into the pool, the more numerous they are, the higher the pollution


  • the type of treatment used

If you treat with chlorine or active oxygen, the filtration time of the pool will not be the same.


Let us explain to you how long you should run your pool pump during 24 hours:

The calculation rule to be applied is very simple to remember, we detail it for you.

> Filtration time per day = Water temperature / 2 + 1 hour:


Examples : 

16 °C (60°F) = 9h00         18 °C (64°F) = 10h00

20 °C (68°F) = 10h00       22 °C (71°F) = 12h00

24 °C (75°F) = 13h00       26 °C (78°F) = 14h00



If the water temperature reaches 30 °C (86°F), it is advisable to filter 24 hours a day.

When the summer season starts, be sure to adapt the operating range of your filtration system.


Automation of the filtration time :

In order to simplify the start-up of your pool's filtration, you can automate it by installing a clock in the electrical box in the technical room.

This will also ensure its operation even during your absences (weekends, holidays, etc.).


Exceptional situations :

For exceptional situations (reception of family, friends, your children's friends) where the number of people in the pool exceeds ten, the pollution caused by these numerous bathers will be greater, It would then be wise to increase the filtration time by an additional 1.5 to 2.5 hours (depending on the flow rate (in m3/h) of your pump).