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How to reopen the pool ?

Reopening your pool after winter is a crucial step. 
Before being able to swim, several steps need to be followed in order to kick off the season in the best conditions. 
You will then be able to enjoy clear, disinfected and balanced water throughout the summer. You can also watch the full tutorial in video here.


When to reopen your pool ? 


  • ​​​Water temperature > 59° F or 15° C 


1. Clean the pool

  • Check your installation is running properly (filer, pump, etc.)
  • Clean the water line and skimmers with hth® BORKLER® GEL.
  • Remove any dirt from the pool with accessories (brush, nets, vacuum, etc.)  


2. Clean the filter

  • Descale the sand or cartridge filter with hth® FILTERWASH filter cleaner.
  • Adjust the water level of the pool.


3. Analyse and treat the water


4. Regular maintenance

Apply the maintenance treatment every week:

  • Check the pH with the CHLORINE/pH/TA TESTER KIT hth® and adjust it if necessary with hth®  pH PLUS or hth®  pH MINUS 
  • Disinfect the water with one STICK® hth®  or an hth®  ADVANCED®  tab for 20 m3 water.
  • Every two weeks: Apply a shock treatment with150 g of hth®  SHOCK® for 10 m3 water, with the filtration running 
  • For crystal clear water, place one hth®  REGULARFLOC® flocculant cartridge for 25 m3  water in the skimmer every two weeks (for pools equipped with a sand filter).